Thursday, 19 February 2015

Day two (still working the black jeans)

Yesterday's blog was written on my old iPhone (thank you Blogger app) as I waited in the paediatric day unit for my grandson to be assessed.  Doesn't this sort of thing always happen when you are looking after someone else's precious child?  I was just supposed to take him for a check-up with his GP after a nasty infection that had him in hospital over Sunday night. There should have been no problems, and his parents did not feel they needed to cancel a very short break away that they had booked ages ago.

But as we sat in the surgery waiting to be seen he became all floppy and fell so deeply asleep he did not wake even when I carried him from the waiting room to the consulting room. "Better be safe than sorry" said the doctor and rapidly contacted the paediatricians and off we went. Thus I found myself blogging on the tiny iPhone4 screen without glasses (sorry for typos/spelling mistakes) while the genial atmosphere of the day unit's play room worked it's magic so that C (sometimes known on here as The Little Senator) was distinctly perky by the time a doctor appeared, so after a very thorough examination we took him home.

This morning TLS was determined to get in on the act as I took the selfie of my Day #2 outfit

Black jeans from Marks & Spencer as before, silk shirt from an independent shop in Cirencester and the permitted accessory, a black pashmina in case it gets cold

Today the total donations on my sponsorship page have reached £242.31  I just can't thank my generous friends and blog readers enough.



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Mary Lou said...

Glad the scary moment passed. Love the top.