Saturday, 21 February 2015

Four days and still comfortable in my clothes

I'm wearing black jeans, grey long sleeved tee and the Leadlight cardigan, all as before.  Accessories, my mothers black pearls...


A large black apron.  Actually I think an apron will be my go-to accessory most days. I have discovered how essential an apron is when doing all sorts of messy things when you have only a limited number of clothes. I cannot simply change several times a day.  And today I was going to do something particularly messy.  A workshop on dyeing with indigo and woad at the Hampshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers.

These are my raw materials

fleece, ricrac braid, lace, a scrap of embroidery on linen, a skein of hand spun wool , cord and twine
The workshop was led by the very talented Debbie from DT Craft and Design.  This is how it went

mixing up the dye pot

Heating till the water turns green and the 'flower' appears (this is woad)

Immersing the articles, while in the bath they remain a greeny yellow, as they are exposed to air they turn blue (indigo in this pot)

Once out of the pot the colour really develops
Finally, I was given a little spot at the end of the meeting to explain my lent clothes fast for Labour Behind the Label.  A number of ladies generously made donations on the spot, some others promised to check out this blog and donate later.  So for anyone who would like to donate HERE is the link

Thank you everyone who has given so far, bringing the total to £281



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