Monday, 9 February 2015


I'm taking a tiny break from my usual sort of blogging.   There will still be photographs of knitting, knitters too perhaps, I promise, but my focus will be a little different.  For the next couple of weeks this is going to become a photo blog as I record the things that bring me happiness. I hope you will excuse the blog becoming a bit me me me and sit back and enjoy the pictures

And here we go!


The first sign of spring in my garden

Finding exactly the right colour ribbon to back the steek in my new cardigan 

Earl Grey tea in my personal tea-for-one set

spending the evening knitting with friends



Annie Cholewa said...

And why not ... it's good to see another's world through their lens!

Jennifer said...

I really enjoyed this post because I saw more of your world than I usually do and that's a very good thing. :)