Friday, 20 February 2015

Day #3 and a little yarn gathering

I'm off to meet friends at Unravel this afternoon.  This is a little local yarn festival that never-the-less attracts a wonderful selection of people from all over the country, including independent sellers of everything yarn related and knitters who find their wallets empty faster than water out of the plughole.  But the benefit of a warm fuzzy feeling (and that's not only the yarn) makes the expenditure worthwhile.  It's a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones too.

So It is hardly surprising that I have chosen my clothes today carefully to show off my latest piece of knitting

My Leadlight cardigan

With my cardigan I am wearing my wool dresss, bought two winters ago from Phase Eight and green tights (should be teal but I don't have any)




kristieinbc said...

You look lovely! The sweater is gorgeous, and I'm sure will get many compliments. Have fun at the wool festival!

maryom said...

That's a fabulous cardigan! I'm not sure I'd risk going to a wool festival - I'm trying my best to use up 'the stash' before I buy anything more!

Little Miss Know-it-all said...

Such a great pattern - my granny has always referred to her "leaded lights" in the entrance and windows to her 1930s house, so I have a soft spot for that kind of glass work, beautiful represented here, must be awesome in that yarn :)

Nadia said...

This is such a wonderful cardigan and it suits you very well. Great work!