Friday, 13 February 2015

Five on Five

My apologies for the rather unflattering pictures today. My granddaughter  The Little Model is staying and the photos were actually taken to text to her mother so she knew what we were up to. But they do also illustrate reasons to be grateful even if they are a little bit of a stretch but bear with me (or if you prefer pas swiftly on)

Early morning shower and hair wash (I love our new shower, so did TLM, till the hot water ran out)

Making porridge together (I like porridge so much I'm almost glad it's winter)

We made a mobile for a new baby, expected in our family soon.   I'm so grateful to DH who worked hard to convert our garage so that I could have my own creative space

Tea party with the little people. TLM asks whether they prefer milk in first or last  

All quiet and time for some knitting and catching up with e mails


Joanne Wilson said...

Lovely fives, you look like you are both having fun! x

hester dove said...

I think your pictures are lovely. Smiling and sharing. What could be better than that. What is the pattern that you are doing in pink please? it is beautiful.

Catherine said...

Hester, thank you, the pattern is Vivid by Tin Can Knits