Monday, 23 February 2015

Day Six of Six weeks

It's chilly today and the grey dress needs some warm and woolly accessories

The hot pink and lime green striped scarf is from TK Max.  My DD2 is ace at finding bargains there.  It was one of my favourite Christmas presents a couple of years ago

The mittens are something I have blogged about before and are hand knitted from my friend Kathleen's book SSK2

I think that will be cosy enough.  Please don't forget to DONATE, if you haven't already.  There were over 1,000 hits on here last week, the most I have had EVER.  Just think if every visitor gave £2...



PS  Google is being silly today.  If you post a comment then try and close the comments window you get a message saying 'are you sure... you have unsaved comments'  Well you don't your comments have been saved so don't worry and please comment all you like - I love it!


Catherine said...

I'm just testing this because a friend has said she can post comments. If you read this, and if you feel like it please just post a word of two as a test! Thanks

Catherine said...

Cant, obv, CAN'T post comments - sorry folks